Let's Learn C# with Scott and Cherita at the Microsoft Reactor! Part 1

Join Microsoft Engineers Scott Hanselman and Cherita Ousley as we all learn C# together! This beginner tutorial, delivered over three sessions will introduce you to the open source .NET platform and the C# programming language.

What is this session about?
In this three part series we will see how to setup our machines with Visual Studio Code and the .NET development kit, then we'll learn the basis of C#

Who is it aimed at?
Anyone looking for a wonderful welcoming community out there that wants YOU to learn how to code!

Why should you attend?
If you want to learn where to start, what you can build, where C# fits into a world with many programming languages, and share resources to explore as YOU learn C#!

** This is part 1 of the 3 part series. Check out the series page here: https://aka.ms/CSharpRegistration


Scott Hanselman
Scott has been in tech for nearly 30 years, with the last decade plus working at Microsoft working on C# and .NET. He has a educational podcast with over 800 episodes, a YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers, and he enjoys teaching tech on his TikTok very much. In his spare time he enjoys Taekwondo, and volunteering with organizations like Digital Undivided, the Hidden Genius Project and others, where he hopes to lend his privilege and send the ladder back down to the next generation of technologists

Cherita Ousley
Cherita is a software engineer at Microsoft. She is most passionate about empowering underestimated individuals and helping them merge into the technology industry. In her free time, she likes to volunteer with organizations like Black Girls CODE, ChickTech, and DigiGirlz, that focus on exposing young people to technology or developing young leaders. Cherita is equally passionate about promoting healthy living. Whether it is eating well and staying active or maintaining high emotional intelligence, Cherita believes this is fundamental to showing up better in the workplace. Leading with kindness and empathy, she is intentional about leaving an impact and making connections.