(Part 3) DevOps with Containers: How to Leverage Container virtualization technology for a Better DevOps Experience

Container virtualization technology and tools have enabled a variety of organizations, large or small, to accelerate their application delivery cycle. The traditional application development process is to write code, debug code in a local development environment, check-in code, and wait for the testing team to build and validate the code in a test environment.

With the container platform, developers can write code in a lean development environment, which can be just a text editor, easily bring up all necessary dependencies to debug the code in a container environment, check-in code, and get test results from a container-based DevOps infrastructure that automates the build and testing process. The entire process is streamlined for efficiency and productivity.

Join us for Part 3 in this series as Lex Thomas and Razi Rais show us Azure Container Services as well as how to setup monitoring and analytics.

  • [0:30] What is Azure Container Service?
  • [3:20] Does Orchestration = Containers?
  • [5:40] DEMO: Monitoring and Analytics
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