Wayve | Disrupting Autonomous Driving

Join us for an exceptional conversation with Alex Kendall, co-founder, and CEO of Wayve, who raised more than 40M$ to kickstart the biggest vehicle academy.  

Alex shares the technology that powers Wayve, how they are building the largest autonomous driving academy in the world, and what the future holds for this ever-growing ecosystem.   

To scale their solution, the three-year-old company is leveraging both Microsoft Azure and Microsoft for Startups: Autonomous Driving program, which provides benefits like free Azure credits and access to Microsoft engineers and program managers to support the development of these complex workloads on the cloud.    

Kendall: "Just like humans, our system learns most efficiently using many sources, including unsupervised learning, imitation learning and reinforcement learning."   Watch Now!

For more information on Microsoft for Startups, head over to: https://aka.ms/msft4startupsTE

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