All About Go

Go has exploded in popularity and it's used in huge open source projects, like Kubernetes and Terraform, but what is it exactly? How does it compare to other programming languages? What problem does it solve?

De facto Go expert Francesc Campoy (@francesc), VP Developer Relations at Source{d} and host of justforfunc, joins Brandon Minnick (@TheCodeTraveler) to talk about his experiences working on Go at Google, shifting from C++ to Go, "accepting the way of Go," plus highlights from his most popular justforfunc episode and Go Tooling in Action workshop.

You'll see how Go is both simple and powerful, understand where and why you'd use it, and get the pro tips and getting started resources you need to join the Gopher community.

[00:34] History of Go
[03:36] What's justforfunc?
[04:19] Go Tooling in Action Demo
[06:04] Getting started resources

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