How to Fix All the Things with Logging + Metrics + Error Tracking

Chloe Condon (@chloecondon), Developer Evangelist at Sentry.io, returns with Bridget Kromhout (@bridgetkromhout) to talk about all things observability -- and show us how you to get started with error tracking, create real-time alerts for the issues that matter to you, dive into stack traces to understand issues, and integrate with your favorite tools and services.

Or, in other words: 3 am firedrills, mounting customer support tickets, and context switching as you debug? No. Spending more time on your user experience and the things that matter? Yes.

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00:47 What's observability and why does it matter?
3:29 How to improve observability
4:50 Error tracking step-by-step demo
6:59 Where to get started

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