Instrumenting Observability: Getting Started and Pro Tips

Systems are increasingly complex and distributed, and standard metrics, monitoring, and logging aren't enough: they catch known unknowns and send real-time updates – but what about what you don't know? How do you set up a system that helps you see what you care about now and prepare for what you'll want to know in the future?

Christine Yen, Chief Product Officer and co-founder at Honeycomb.io, joins Lachie Evenson to break down how she thinks about observability - from the problems it solves to why it's like peeling an onion - and demos how to instrument your code and make it easier to ask and answer questions (read: observable).

00:26 What is observability?
01:16 Explaining observability (tangible examples)
02:08 Contrasting observability and traditional monitoring
03:29 Check out Christine's demo
08:03 Christine's instrumentation tip

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