Top Diversity & Inclusion Tips for Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, and Interview Panelists

Long-time friends Erica Baker (@EricaJoy), Engineering Manager and Project Include co-founder, and Ashley McNamara (@ashleymcnamara) talk how to create, keep, and find diverse, inclusive workplaces. You'll learn why Erica joined other women in tech to create Project Include – and how you can use it to make YOUR workplace more welcoming, from compensation to resolving conflicts.

...but, it's not a complete solution. Erica and Ashley share their top tips for figuring out prospective employers' attitudes toward diversity and inclusivity, fighting bias in the interview process "No.👏More. 👏Whiteboard. 👏Interviews. 👏), the things hiring managers need to know, and so much more.

00:27 History of Project Include

02:19 Tips for Hiring Managers

3:05 Tips for Applying for a Job

03:29 3 Tips for Interviewers

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