Manufacturers who sell direct with omnichannel retail gain powerful customer insights

Imagine you are a big manufacturer producing outdoor sporting goods under multiple brands and you need omnichannel control of online, in store, and call center experiences for your retail and B2B customers. On top of that you need big analytical horsepower to turn all that customer data into meaningful insights that improve the experience for your retail and business consumers. In this episode of The Solutions Show with Corey, Anupama Raju joins Corey Sanders to share how Kent Watersports turned to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce to solve all these problems.

[00:00] Intro
[01:27] About Kent Watersports and the retail challenge they faced
[03:08] Demo of omni-channel retail solution Kent Watersports built
[05:20] Customer insights are built into solution
[06:40] Dynamics 365 Commerce benefits: omni-channel, B2B as well as direct to consumer, deep integration with Dynamics 365 ecosystem
[07:56] Taming retail complexity with a simple solution