The Maker Show: Episode 6 - Soldering Basics

If you've ever wanted to learn how to solder and didn't know how to get started, then this is the video for you.

Sooner or later in your maker projects, you will come across a project that requires soldering. The time to learn is now, so you can be ready.

In this video, Frank La Vigne talks about the various types of soldering irons, accessories, and safety tips before diving into soldering.

[00:34] Why Learn to Solder?
[01:00] Different Types of Soldering Irons
[01:23] A Soldering Iron for Every Budget
[01:50] My Soldering Iron
[02:13] Accessories
[02:20] Safety
[02:57] Helping Hands
[03:22] Wire Cutters
[03:28] More Safety
[03:45] Patience is a Virtue
[04:01] Solder
[04:36] Safety tips for lead solder
[04:54] Soldering Time!
[05:02] Soldering Station Demo
[06:08] Soldering Accessories
[07:09] Soldering Pins onto a Chip
[09:53] Closer Look at First Soldered Pin
[12:12] Closer Look at Finished Job
[12:38] Tinning
[15:18] Closer Look at Finished Wire
[15:24] Twitter/Website

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