Project Demo - Extracting Effective Permissions from TFS

The first project demo in the new series with project members Jon & Mehmet joining me in the studio to discuss the Extracting Effective Permissions from TFS project by the Visual Studio ALM Rangers.

The release of the Extracting effective permissions from TFS research findings, packaged in a whitepaper and sample code. See aka.ms/vsarsolutions for details.

[00:28] - What the project is about
[02:00] - Team
[03:24] - Addressing 2 common requests: Extract users permissions from TFS into a simple report and Audit changes made to a user with Mehmet Aras
[11:06] - Demo and code with Hosam Kamel

Team members:

Jon Guerin
Baruch Frei
Hosam Kamel
Mehmet Aras
Michel Perfetti
Niel Zeeman
Richard Albrecht
Stefan Meith
Jakob Ehn
Gordon Beeming
John Bergman
Mario Rodriguez
Willy-Peter Schaub
Marcel de Vries
Osmar Landin
Vinicius Moura

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