Mads Kristensen Extensions

In this episode, Robert is joined by Mads Kristensen, who shows us another batch of extensions he has written, all designed to boost developer productivity. Mads shows:

  • File Icons [01:00] Adds icons for files that are not recognized by Solution Explorer.
  • Syntax Highlighting Pack [05:00] Adds syntax highlighting and snippet support for a wide variety of programming languages such as Clojure, Go, Jade, Lua, Swift, Ruby and many more...
  • .Ignore [08:20] A language service that makes it painless to handle all types of .ignore files such as .gitignore, .tfignore, etc.
  • Markdown Editor [10:45] A full featured Markdown editor with live preview and syntax highligting. Supports GitHub flavored Markdown.
  • Multi Edit Mode [14:20] Simultaneously edit in more than one location in the editor If you've ever ran into a case where you wanted to quickly change variable names or multiple loop conditions - you can use this extension to set virtual carets that all behave the same.
  • Clean Solution [15:40] Cleans up the solution for the next time you open it. Closes open documents and collapses folders automatically when a solution is being closed.
  • Comment Remover [18:40] Remove all comments in any file with a click of a button. Can also remove #regions and preserve XML Doc comments.
  • Learn the Shortcut [20:20] Shows how easy you can make the same action using only the keyboard. Displays the keyboard shortcut for any command that you execute to help you learn the shortcuts you need the most.
  • Image Sprites [24:15] Boost your website's performance by creating image sprites to reduce the amount of HTTP requests needed.
  • Package Security Alerts [28:00] Identifies npm and Bower packages that contains known security vulnerabilities to ensure your project is always using the most secure package versions.