What's New in Visual Studio 2017

This is the 200th episode of Visual Studio Toolbox and the perfect opportunity to celebrate the release of Visual Studio 2017, as well as the 20th birthday of Visual Studio and the 15th birthday of .NET. Robert shows some a number of new features in Visual Studio 2017, including:

  • The new Install experience [02:10]
  • The revised Start page [06:22]
  • Lightweight Solution Load [09:40]
  • IntelliSense improvements like IntelliSense filtering [12:30]
  • New refactorings [15:45]
  • Enforcing code styles and conventions [20:00]
  • Improvements to code navigation [28:30]
  • Debugging improvements like Click to Run and the new Exception Helper [33:30]
  • Live Unit Testing [38:00]

Learn more about Visual Studio 2017: