Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: Software-Defined Compute

This is the sixth video in the "Ten Reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016" series exploring Software-Defined Compute.

Matt interviews Mathew John, a Principal Group Program Manager who is responsible for the product vision, roadmap and delivery of Hyper-V and Containers features. Mathew discusses key investments in Hyper-V and Containers Windows Server 2016. These investments are broken down two categories, infrastructure or fabric point of view and application container or run-time point of view, and highlights the new features associated with each category.

Find a topic:

  • [01:00] Why should you upgrade to Windows Server 2016?
  • [04:09] How can admins better backup and manage Hyper-V VMs?
  • [06:18] What's new in Hyper-V and PowerShell?
  • [09:06] What's new in security?
  • [12:30] What's new in heterogeneous environments (Linux)?
  • [14:48] Integrating containers technology into Windows Server 2016
  • [19:36] How to get started?

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