Ten reasons you’ll love Windows Server 2016: Software-Defined Storage

This is the fifth video in the "Ten Reasons you'll love Windows Server 2016" series exploring Software-Defined Storage.

In today's video you will meet Elden Christensen, a Principal Program Manager on the High Availability and Storage team. He discusses the software-defined journey, redefining what we think about storage, and the radical innovations in Windows Server 2016.

Find a topic:

  • [01:06] Where were we with storage in previous versions of Windows Server?
  • [02:42] What is new in Windows Server 2016?
  • [05:35] What is the difference between converged and hyper-converged?
  • [07:33] What are the benefits with Spaces Direct?
  • [08:45] What are the features and capabilities of Storage Replica?
  • [10:31] What are the improvements in Storage Quads?
  • [12:33] How do we make de-dupe faster and more efficient?
  • [13:27] How to get started?

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