Validated Lync Applications

The following applications have been validated as using Lync 2013 APIs. The independent software vendors have validated their solutions and sent results to Microsoft. They haven't necessarily been tested by third parties.

Active Communications - ACS for Lync

Shorten Lync install and implementation times. Administer Lync in single and multi-forest environments without Active Directory schema changes. Centralize call-forwarding and automate user management.

Aditi Distribution List Mirror

Streamline organization-wide group email communications making them more meaningful, effective, and engaging by enabling their distribution through Lync persistent chat.

Astound Technologies GPower Point-Of-Care

Share live video and data between primary care physicians, specialists, and medical teams anywhere, at any time.

Extend Lync toast, by displaying other relevant information about the incoming caller, including location data, maps, and directory and CRM lookups.

BluePosition UC Mobile Status

Integrate mobile device presence with Lync. See when a mobile contact is busy on the phone. Extend the devices that can provide presence data.

Bressner Technology FonComfort Professional

Pick up other's calls, change settings for managers, BusyOnBusy options to avoid interruptions and Hotkey call handling with enhanced call handling and Manager/Admin functions for users.

Provide Manager/Admins and Team members with rich Presence information and one-click calling, pickup, and transferring to improve efficiency and productivity.

Colima Cerebro

Enhance communications productivity, with features like call pickup, busy on busy, manager assistance, black and allowlists, offline instant message, and expanded presence alerts.

DC Stockade Ethical Wall & Content Filter

Implement communications barriers between groups or partners. Block or mask usage of certain words.

Derdack Enterprise Alert

Ensure rapid response to critical events with fully automated emergency callouts, escalation chains and application-to-person notifications, real-time delivery tracking, acknowledgments, and status replies.

Desire2Learn Online Rooms for Lync

Use existing course context and structure for the simple creation and management of online meetings within the Desire2Learn Learning Environment.

EventBuilder L+

Manage, promote, and deliver events and training with Lync. Broadcast to large audiences, collect registration fees, add pass/fail grading for participants, and much more.

Ferrari electronic Office Master Entry Control

Use video door phones in combination with Lync. Identify the person at the door, interact with them, and unlock a door.

Ferrari electronic Office Master SIP2Lync

Integrate incompatible phone devices fully into Lync. They then act like any other registered phone.

Fujitsu SAP BCM Presence integration

Synchronize presence information from Lync to SAP BCM Contact Center. Give customer service and switchboard agents better employee presence information for greater efficiency and reachability.

Groupo Unika Coolab

Automate business processes with a plug-in interface for workflow controls, documents review, workflow rendering; all of those features with the same experience as sending instant messages.

HotelMagix Lync Edition

Offer guest access to hotel services and information anytime, anywhere, wakeup call, DND, valet, and other requests with one-click from an IP phone or mobile.

Insource Technology Virtual Receptionist

Allow visitors to serve themselves with a touch-screen in a lobby or entrance. Selecting the appropriate option places a call to the desired person.

Kuando Busylight

Increase productivity with a powerful LED light that shows Lync presence status in the office. Choose from eight different ringtones for incoming calls.

Landis Computer Attendant Pro for Lync

Handle Lync calls with a single click.

MachPanel Lync Module from Machsol

Streamline cloud hosting of Lync along with Exchange, SharePoint, CRM, BlackBerry, Hyper V, and Web Hosting with this control panel.

Modality Systems Wallboard

Bring remote locations closer by providing an on-demand "portal" window between offices. Kinect integration allows calls to be started using gestures, rather than touch.

MultiUX Ethical Wall for Lync

Allow the management of communication routes for Lync real-time communications services. Manage security of information exchange, avoiding improper use, and improving effectiveness of real-time collaboration.

MultiUX Visual-Challenged Client for Lync

Allow people with visual challenges to use Lync services with particular attention to voice.

NTeam Lync Extender

See location, address, previous activities, opportunity, and company data about the person you're communicating with. Update tasks and activities during the conversation.

ProtonMedia Protosphere

Enable remote workers to more efficiently learn and collaborate in an always-on, socially immersive 3D environment.

Pulsar IT Unified Communications for Contact Center (UC3)

Manage inbound communications to enhance relations and call experience with customers. Integrate into existing Information Systems and applications with caller identification, and call distribution.

Quarta AllTalk

Integrate Lync quickly and easily into any existing Windows application along with support for .NET, RT, and web. Ideally suited for kiosks in helpdesk scenarios.

Ronco Verannounce

Page audible messages to Lync Clients and zoned overhead paging systems anywhere in the enterprise. Audible messages may be delivered on demand or on schedule.


Bring situational awareness with complete integrated communication, resource management to mission critical operations. Saab SAFE includes automatic dispatch and incident management.

Sierra Gold VTS

Collect and process call records to support enterprise business decisions regarding security accountability and productivity.


Establishes interface between different SIP endpoints, acting and reacting like a port, with address information security support, routing, and call handling.

UMojo GRM System

Automate facilities management with Lync, including license plate recognition, real-time inventory tracking, and customer services for drivers at the gate.

Umojo Speech IVR

Provide a scalable web services platform for communications, integrated with virtually any modality. Support hybrid cloud and on-premise architectures.

Securely identify, welcome, and connect visitors via a touchscreen kiosk. Offer a consistent and professional experience to visitors.

Verapresence Proximity Pickup

Enable many alerting and call pickup use cases. Improve responsiveness by efficiently connecting callers to available resources.

Viases PostOffice for Lync

Support various types of call transfers, and distribution models. Blocklist unwanted callers. Add flexibility to voicemail. Develop and deliver complex IVR flows with this complementary suite.

Vytru VA-50

Serve guests anywhere via touch kiosks fitted with cameras and microphones by connecting them with your specialists who are using Lync to provide audio/video consultations.

Vytru VC-40

Conduct video conferences on Lync through a single device that can be controlled using your voice commands, hand gestures, mouse, keyboard, and touch enabled screens.

Yaguti Lync Agent

Show planning information, request grades / timetables for students and teachers, get sales data from your CRM/ERP all with Lync.