Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Indexing Service Overview

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Indexing Service provides programmatic read-only access to file system and Web data indexed by Microsoft Indexing Service. ADO applications can issue SQL queries to retrieve content and file property information.

The provider is free-threaded and UNICODE enabled.

Connection String Parameters

To connect to this provider, set the Provider= argument to the ConnectionString property to:


Reading the Provider property will return this string as well.

Typical Connection String

A typical connection string for this provider is:

"Provider=MSIDXS;Data Source=myCatalog;Locale Identifier=nnnn;"

The string consists of these keywords:

Keyword Description
Provider Specifies the OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Indexing Service. Typically this is the only keyword specified in the connection string.
Data Source Specifies the Indexing Service catalog name. If this keyword is not specified, the default system catalog is used.
Locale Identifier Specifies a unique 32-bit number (for example, 1033) that specifies preferences related to the user's language. If this keyword is not specified, the default system locale identifier is used.

Command Text

The Indexing Service SQL query syntax consists of extensions to the SQL-92 SELECT statement and its FROM and WHERE clauses. The results of the query are returned via OLE DB rowsets, which can be consumed by ADO and manipulated as Recordset objects.

You can search for exact words or phrases, or use wildcards to search for patterns or stems of words. The search logic can be based on Boolean decisions, weighted terms, or proximity to other words. You can also search by "free text," which finds matches based on meaning, rather than exact words.

The specific command dialect is fully documented in the Query Languages for Indexing Service documentation.

The provider does not accept stored procedure calls or simple table names (for example, the CommandType property will always be adCmdText).

Recordset Behavior

The following tables list the features available with a Recordset object opened with this provider. Only the static cursor type (adOpenStatic) is available.

For more detailed information about Recordset behavior for your provider configuration, run the Supports method and enumerate the Properties collection of the Recordset to determine whether provider-specific dynamic properties are present.

Availability of standard ADO Recordset properties:

Property Availability
AbsolutePage read/write
AbsolutePosition read/write
ActiveConnection read-only
BOF read-only
Bookmark* read/write
CacheSize read/write
CursorLocation always adUseServer
CursorType always adOpenStatic
EditMode always adEditNone
EOF read-only
Filter read/write
LockType read/write
MarshalOptions not available
MaxRecords read/write
PageCount read-only
PageSize read/write
RecordCount read-only
Source read/write
State read-only
Status read-only

*Bookmarks must be enabled on the provider in order for this feature to exist on the Recordset.

Availability of standard ADO Recordset methods:

Method Available?
AddNew No
Cancel Yes
CancelBatch No
CancelUpdate No
Clone Yes
Close Yes
Delete No
GetRows Yes
Move Yes
MoveFirst Yes
NextRecordset Yes
Open Yes
Requery Yes
Resync Yes
Supports Yes
Update No
UpdateBatch No

For specific implementation details and functional information about the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Microsoft Indexing Service, consult the OLE DB Programmer's Guide, or visit the Web Services page of the Windows NT Server Web site.

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