AbsolutePosition Property (ADO)

Indicates the ordinal position of a Recordset object's current record.

Settings and Return Values

For 32-bit code, sets or returns a Long value from 1 to the number of records in the Recordset object (RecordCount), or returns one of the PositionEnum values.

For 64-bit code, use a data type that provides for storage of a 64-bit value. For example, you might use either Long or another value that is 64-bit length such as DBORDINAL. Do not use PositionEnum values since they are limited to 32-bit length.


In order to set the AbsolutePosition property, ADO requires that the OLE DB provider you are using implement the IRowsetLocate:IRowset interface.

Accessing the AbsolutePosition property of a Recordset that was opened with either a forward-only or dynamic cursor raises the error adErrFeatureNotAvailable. With other cursor types, the correct position will be returned as long as the OLE DB provider supports the IRowsetScroll:IRowsetLocate interface. If the provider does not support the IRowsetScroll interface, the property is set to adPosUnknown. See the documentation for your provider to determine whether it supports IRowsetScroll.

Use the AbsolutePosition property to move to a record based on its ordinal position in the Recordset object, or to determine the ordinal position of the current record. The provider must support the appropriate functionality for this property to be available.

Like the AbsolutePage property, AbsolutePosition is 1-based and equals 1 when the current record is the first record in the Recordset. You can obtain the total number of records in the Recordset object from the RecordCount property.

When you set the AbsolutePosition property, even if it is to a record in the current cache, ADO reloads the cache with a new group of records starting with the record you specified. The CacheSize property determines the size of this group.


You should not use the AbsolutePosition property as a surrogate record number. The position of a given record changes when you delete a preceding record. There is also no assurance that a given record will have the same AbsolutePosition if the Recordset object is requeried or reopened. Bookmarks are still the recommended way of retaining and returning to a given position and are the only way of positioning across all types of Recordset objects.

Applies To

Recordset Object (ADO)

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