CommandStream Property (ADO)

Indicates the stream used as the input for a Command object.

Settings and Return Values

Sets or returns the stream used as the input for a Command object. The format for this stream is provider-specific; see your provider's documentation for details. This property is similar to the CommandText property, which used to specify a string for the input of a Command.


CommandStream and CommandText are mutually exclusive. When the user sets the CommandStream property, the CommandText property will be set to the empty string (""). If the user sets the CommandText property, the CommandStream property will be set to Nothing.

The behaviors of the Command.Parameters.Refresh and Command.Prepare methods are defined by the provider. The values of parameters in a stream can not be refreshed.

The input stream is not available to other ADO objects that return the source of a Command. For example, if the Source of a Recordset is set to a Command object that has a stream as its input, Recordset.Source continues to return the CommandText property, which contains an empty string (""), instead of the stream contents of the CommandStream property.

When using a command stream (as specified by CommandStream), the only valid CommandTypeEnum values for the CommandType property are adCmdText and adCmdUnknown. Any other value causes an error.

Applies To

Command Object (ADO)

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