Specifies the type of ADO run-time error.

Three forms of the error number are listed:

  • Positive decimal-The low two bytes of the full number in decimal format. This number is displayed in the default Visual Basic error message dialog box. For example, Run-time error '3707'.

  • Negative decimal-The decimal translation of the full error number.

  • Hexadecimal-The hexadecimal representation of the full error number. The Windows facility code is in the fourth digit. The facility code for ADO error numbers is A. For example: 0x800A0E7B.


OLE DB errors may be passed to your ADO application. Typically, these can be identified by a Windows facility code of 4. For example, 0x8004.

Constant Value Description
adErrBoundToCommand 3707 -2146824581 0x800A0E7B Cannot change the ActiveConnection property of a Recordset object that has a Command object as its source.
adErrCannotComplete 3732 -2146824556 0x800A0E94 Server cannot complete the operation.
adErrCantChangeConnection 3748 -2146824540 0x800A0EA4 Connection was denied. New connection you requested has different characteristics than the one already being used.
adErrCantChangeProvider 3220 -2146825068 0X800A0C94 Supplied provider differs from the one already being used.
adErrCantConvertvalue 3724 -2146824564 0x800A0E8C Data value cannot be converted for reasons other than sign mismatch or data overflow. For example, conversion would have truncated data.
adErrCantCreate 3725 -2146824563 0x800A0E8D Data value cannot be set or retrieved because the field data type was unknown, or the provider had insufficient resources to perform the operation.
adErrCatalogNotSet 3747 -2146824541 0x800A0EA3 Operation requires a valid ParentCatalog.
adErrColumnNotOnThisRow 3726 -2146824562 0x800A0E8E Record does not contain this field.
adErrDataConversion 3421 -2146824867 0x800A0D5D Application uses a value of the wrong type for the current operation.
adErrDataOverflow 3721 -2146824567 0x800A0E89 Data value is too large to be represented by the field data type.
adErrDelResOutOfScope 3738 -2146824550 0x800A0E9A URL of the object to be deleted is outside the scope of the current record.
adErrDenyNotSupported 3750 -2146824538 0x800A0EA6 Provider does not support sharing restrictions.
adErrDenyTypeNotSupported 3751 -2146824537 0x800A0EA7 Provider does not support the requested kind of sharing restriction.
adErrFeatureNotAvailable 3251 -2146825037 0x800A0CB3 Object or provider is not able to perform requested operation.
adErrFieldsUpdateFailed 3749 -2146824539 0x800A0EA5 Fields update failed. For more information, examine the Status property of individual field objects.
adErrIllegalOperation 3219 -2146825069 0x800A0C93 Operation is not allowed in this context.
adErrIntegrityViolation 3719 -2146824569 0x800A0E87 Data value conflicts with the integrity constraints of the field.
adErrInTransaction 3246 -2146825042 0x800A0CAE Connection object cannot be explicitly closed while in a transaction.
adErrInvalidArgument 3001 -2146825287 0x800A0BB9 Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another.
adErrInvalidConnection 3709 -2146824579 0x800A0E7D The connection cannot be used to perform this operation. It is either closed or invalid in this context.
adErrInvalidParamInfo 3708 -2146824580 0x800A0E7C Parameter object is incorrectly defined. Inconsistent or incomplete information was provided.
adErrInvalidTransaction 3714 -2146824574 0x800A0E82 Coordinating transaction is invalid or has not started.
adErrInvalidURL 3729 -2146824559 0x800A0E91 URL contains invalid characters. Make sure that the URL is typed correctly.
adErrItemNotFound 3265 -2146825023 0x800A0CC1 Item cannot be found in the collection that corresponds to the requested name or ordinal.
adErrNoCurrentRecord 3021 -2146825267 0x800A0BCD Either BOF or EOF is True, or the current record has been deleted. Requested operation requires a current record.
adErrNotExecuting 3715 -2146824573 0x800A0E83 Operation cannot be performed while not executing.
adErrNotReentrant 3710 -2146824578 0x800A0E7E Operation cannot be performed while processing event.
adErrObjectClosed 3704 -2146824584 0x800A0E78 Operation is not allowed when the object is closed.
adErrObjectInCollection 3367 -2146824921 0x800A0D27 Object is already in collection. Cannot append.
adErrObjectNotSet 3420 -2146824868 0x800A0D5C Object is no longer valid.
adErrObjectOpen 3705 -2146824583 0x800A0E79 Operation is not allowed when the object is open.
adErrOpeningFile 3002 -2146825286 0x800A0BBA File could not be opened.
adErrOperationCancelled 3712 -2146824576 0x800A0E80 Operation has been canceled by the user.
adErrOutOfSpace 3734 -2146824554 0x800A0E96 Operation cannot be performed. Provider cannot obtain enough storage space.
adErrPermissionDenied 3720 -2146824568 0x800A0E88 Insufficient permission prevents writing to the field.
adErrProviderFailed 3000 -2146825288 0x800A0BB8 Provider did not perform the requested operation.
adErrProviderNotFound 3706 -2146824582 0x800A0E7A Provider cannot be found. It may not be correctly installed.
adErrReadFile 3003 -2146825285 0x800A0BBB File could not be read.
adErrResourceExists 3731 -2146824557 0x800A0E93 Copy operation cannot be performed. Object named by destination URL already exists. Specify adCopyOverwrite to replace the object.
adErrResourceLocked 3730 -2146824558 0x800A0E92 Object represented by the specified URL is locked by one or more other processes. Wait until the process has finished and try the operation again.
adErrResourceOutOfScope 3735 -2146824553 0x800A0E97 Source or destination URL is outside the scope of the current record.
adErrSchemaViolation 3722 -2146824566 0x800A0E8A Data value conflicts with the data type or constraints of the field.
adErrSignMismatch 3723 -2146824565 0x800A0E8B Conversion failed because the data value was signed and the field data type used by the provider was unsigned.
adErrStillConnecting 3713 -2146824575 0x800A0E81 Operation cannot be performed while connecting asynchronously.
adErrStillExecuting 3711 -2146824577 0x800A0E7F Operation cannot be performed while executing asynchronously.
adErrTreePermissionDenied 3728 -2146824560 0x800A0E90 Permissions are insufficient to access tree or subtree.
adErrUnavailable 3736 -2146824552 0x800A0E98 Operation did not complete and the status is unavailable. The field may be unavailable or the operation was not attempted.
adErrUnsafeOperation 3716 -2146824572 0x800A0E84 Safety settings on this computer prevent accessing a data source on another domain.
adErrURLDoesNotExist 3727 -2146824561 0x800A0E8F Either the source URL or the parent of the destination URL does not exist.
adErrURLNamedRowDoesNotExist 3737 -2146824551 0x800A0E99 Record named by this URL does not exist.
adErrVolumeNotFound 3733 -2146824555 0x800A0E95 Provider cannot locate the storage device indicated by the URL. Make sure that the URL is typed correctly.
adErrWriteFile 3004 -2146825284 0x800A0BBC Write to file failed.
adWrnSecurityDialog 3717 -2146824571 0x800A0E85 For internal use only. Do not use.
adWrnSecurityDialogHeader 3718 -2146824570 0x800A0E86 For internal use only. Do not use.

ADO/WFC Equivalent


Only the following subsets of ADO/WFC equivalents are defined.


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Number Property (ADO)

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