SaveToFile Method

Saves the binary contents of a Stream to a file.


Stream.SaveToFile FileName, SaveOptions  


A String value that contains the fully-qualified name of the file to which the contents of the Stream will be saved. You can save to any valid local location, or any location you have access to via a UNC value.

A SaveOptionsEnum value that specifies whether a new file should be created by SaveToFile, if it does not already exist. Default value is adSaveCreateNotExists. With these options you can specify that an error occurs if the specified file does not exist. You can also specify that SaveToFile overwrites the current contents of an existing file.


If you overwrite an existing file (when adSaveCreateOverwrite is set), SaveToFile truncates any bytes from the original existing file that follow the new EOS.


SaveToFile may be used to copy the contents of a Stream object to a local file. There is no change in the contents or properties of the Stream object. The Stream object must be open before calling SaveToFile.

This method does not change the association of the Stream object to its underlying source. The Stream object will still be associated with the original URL or Record that was its source when opened.

After a SaveToFile operation, the current position (Position) in the stream is set to the beginning of the stream (0).

Applies To

Stream Object (ADO)

See Also

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