Using NTLM Authentication to connect to SQL Server

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The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server allows an application to use the authenticationScheme connection property to indicate that it wants to connect to a database using NTLM v2 Authentication.

The following properties are also used for NTLM Authentication:

  • domain = domainName (optional)
  • user = userName
  • password = password
  • integratedSecurity = true

Other than domain, the other properties are mandatory, the driver will throw an error if any are missing when the NTLM authenticationScheme property is used.

For more information on connection properties, see Setting the connection properties. For more information on the Microsoft NTLM authentication protocol, see Microsoft NTLM.


See Network security: LAN Manager authentication level for description of the SQL server settings, which control the behavior of NTLM authentication.


A new logger has been added to support NTLM authentication: For more information, see Tracing Driver Operation.


When using a datasource to create connections, the NTLM properties can be programmatically set using setAuthenticationScheme, setDomain, and (optionally) setServerSpn.

SQLServerDataSource ds = new SQLServerDataSource();
ds.setPortNumber(1433); // change if necessary

try (Connection c = ds.getConnection(); Statement s = c.createStatement();
        ResultSet rs = s.executeQuery("select auth_scheme from sys.dm_exec_connections where session_id=@@spid")) {
    while ( {
        System.out.println("Authentication Scheme: " + rs.getString(1));

Service principal names

A service principal name (SPN) is the name by which a client uniquely identifies an instance of a service.

You can specify the SPN using the serverSpn connection property, or let the driver build it for you (the default). This property is in the form of: "MSSQLSvc/fqdn:port@REALM" where fqdn is the fully qualified domain name, port is the port number, and REALM is the realm of the SQL Server in upper-case letters. The realm portion of this property is optional since the default realm is the same as the realm of the Server.

For example, your SPN might look like: "MSSQLSvc/"

For more information about service principal names (SPNs), see:


The serverSpn connection attribute is only supported by Microsoft JDBC Drivers 4.2 and higher.

Before 6.2 release of JDBC driver, you would need to explicitly set the serverSpn. As of the 6.2 release, the driver will be able to build the serverSpn by default, although one can use serverSpn explicitly too.

Security risks

The NTLM protocol is an old authentication protocol with various vulnerabilities, which pose a security risk. It's based on a weak cryptographic scheme and is vulnerable to attacks. NTLM has been replaced by Kerberos, which is much more secure and recommended. NTLM authentication should only be used in a secure, trusted environment or when Kerberos can't be used.

The Microsoft JDBC Driver for SQL Server only supports NTLM v2, which has some security improvements over the original v1 protocol. It's also recommended to enable Extended Protection, or use TLS Encryption for increased security.

For more information on how to enable Extended Protection and, see:

For more information on connecting with encryption, see:


For the 7.4 release, enabling both Extended Protection and Encryption is not supported.

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