Enable or Disable Profiling Notifications in DQS

Applies to: SQL Server

This topic describes how to enable or disable profiling notifications in Data Quality Services (DQS). By default, profiling notifications are enabled in DQS. Profiling notifications tell you important facts about the data source and the effectiveness of the current activity performed on the data. For more information, see Data Profiling and Notifications in DQS.

Before You Begin



You must have the dqs_administrator role on the DQS_MAIN database to enable notifications.

Enable or Disable Profiling Notifications

  1. Start Data Quality Client. For information about doing so, see Run the Data Quality Client Application.

  2. In the Data Quality Client home screen, click Configuration.

  3. Next, click the General Settings tab.

  4. Clear or select the Enable Notifications check box to disable or enable profiling notifications for various activities in DQS.

  5. Click Close.