Server Properties - General Page

Applies to: SQL Server

Use this page to view read-only information about your Microsoft SQL Server installation.

Property Grid

View properties for the selected server, such as the server name, server operating system, or number of processors.

Displays the name of the server instance.

Displays the edition of SQL Server currently running.

Operating System
Displays the Microsoft Windows operating system currently running.

Describes the operating system and hardware running SQL Server.

Displays the version number of the SQL Server edition currently running.

Displays the language supported by the running instance of SQL Server.

Lists the amount of RAM installed on the server.

Displays the number of CPUs installed.

Root Directory
Displays the path to the location of the SQL Server instance, typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\.

Server Collation
Displays the collation supported by the server. A collation specifies the particular code page and sort order to use for Unicode and non-Unicode data.

Is Clustered
Displays True if the server instance is configured in a SQL Server failover cluster or False if the server instance is not clustered.

Is HADR Enabled
Displays True if the Always On availability groups feature is enabled or False if the Always On availability groups feature is disabled. For information about enabling or disabling Always On availability groups, see Enable and Disable Always On Availability Groups (SQL Server).

Description Field

View additional information on the server properties.

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