Functional Area Permissions (Master Data Services)

Applies to: SQL Server - Windows only Azure SQL Managed Instance

You can assign permission to each of the functional areas of the Master Data Manager user interface (UI). The following are the functional areas:

  • Explorer

  • Version Management

  • Integration Management

  • System Administration

  • User and Group Permissions

  • Super user

When you assign permission to a functional area, you are making an area of the UI visible to the user or group.

Within the Explorer functional area, additional permissions assigned to model objects and hierarchy members determine which data a user can access. Within all other functional areas, a user must be a model administrator to view a model and act on it. For more information, see Administrators (Master Data Services).


A user with Super User permissions effectively has Admin permission on all models and has all other functional permissions.

A user or group must have permission to at least one functional area and one model on the Models tab in order to access Master Data Manager.

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