Backup Timeline

Applies to: SQL Server

Use the Backup Timeline dialog box to locate and specify backups to restore a database to a point-in-time. The Backup Timeline dialog box is accessed by clicking Timeline on the Restore Database (General Page) pane. This dialog box allows you to view a timeline of the restore operations performed on the database.

The Database Recovery Advisor ensures that only backups that are required for restoring to that point in time are selected. These selected backups make up the recommended restore plan for your restore operation. You should use only the selected backups. For information about the Database Recovery Advisor, see Restore and Recovery Overview (SQL Server).

Restore to

Last backup taken is selected by default. SQL Server Management Studio will select the appropriate backups to restore the database, and will restore the database to the point of the last backup. Click A specific date and time to manually set the date and time (selecting a specific point in time).

Specific date and time permits you stop the restore at a specific date and time that you select. The timeline shows a representation of the backup operations performed in the 24 hours around the select date and time.

Enter or select a date from the drop-down list.

Enter or select a date to designate the specific point-in-time for the restore to stop.

Timeline Interval
Displays the options for the interval types viewable on the timeline.

Timeline and Legend

Use the scroll bar beneath the timeline to move the cursor forward and backward along the timeline. Click on a backup to move the scroll bar to the end of that backup. Hover the mouse over a marker to display a ScreenTip providing information about the selected backup set. Backup information is shown on the timeline by the following markers.

Larger triangle
Represents the full backups performed on the database, denoting the specific point in time each full backup was performed.

Smaller triangle
Represents the differential backups performed on the database, denoting the specific point in time that each differential backup was performed.

Green shaded areas
Represents the transaction log backup coverage.

Red line
Can only be positioned along the timeline where the restore is possible. Moving the red line along the timeline adjusts the date and time displayed in the Date and Time boxes.

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