Change Tracking Catalog Views - sys.change_tracking_databases

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

Returns one row for each database that has change tracking enabled.

Column name Data type Description
database_id int ID of the database. This is unique within the instance of SQL Server.
is_auto_cleanup_on bit Indicates whether change tracking data is automatically cleaned up after the configured retention period:

0 = Off

1 = On
retention_period int If autocleanup is being used, the retention period specifies how long the change tracking data is kept in the database.
retention_period_units_desc nvarchar(60) Specifies the description of the retention period:



retention_period_units tinyint Unit of time for the retention period:

1 = Minutes

2 = Hours

3 = Days


The same permission checks are made for sys.change_tracking_databases as are made for sys.databases. If the caller of sys.change_tracking_databases is not the owner of the database, the minimum permissions that are required to see the corresponding row are ALTER ANY DATABASE or VIEW ANY DATABASE server-level permission, or CREATE DATABASE permission in the master database or current database.

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