syscollector_collection_items (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Returns information about an item in a collection set.

Column name Data type Description
collection_set_id int Identifies the collection set. Is not nullable.
collection_item_id int Identifies an item in the collection set. Is not nullable.
collector_type_uid uniqueidentifier The GUID used to identify the collector type. Is not nullable.
name nvarchar(4000) The name of the collection set. Is nullable.
frequency int The frequency that data is collected by a collection item. Is not nullable.
parameters xml Describes the parameterization for the collector type associated with the collection item. The XML schema for this collection item is validated with the XML Schema (XSD) stored in the parameter_schema for a particular collector type. Is nullable. For more information, see syscollector_collector_types (Transact-SQL).


Requires SELECT for dc_operator, dc_proxy.

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