sys.dm_exec_dms_workers (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server 2016 (13.x) and later versions

Holds information about all workers completing DMS steps.

This view shows the data for the last 1000 requests and active requests; active requests always have the data present in this view.

Column Name Data Type Description Range
execution_id nvarchar(32) Query that this DMS worker is part of.

execution_id, step_index, and dms_step_index form the key for this view.
step_index int Query step this DMS worker is part of. See step index in sys.dm_exec_distributed_request_steps (Transact-SQL).
dms_step_index int Step in the DMS plan that this worker is running. See sys.dm_exec_dms_workers (Transact-SQL)
compute_node_id int Node that the worker is running on. See sys.dm_exec_compute_nodes (Transact-SQL).
distribution_id int
status nvarchar(32) Status of this step 'Pending', 'Running', 'Complete', 'Failed', 'UndoFailed', 'PendingCancel', 'Cancelled', 'Undone', 'Aborted'
bytes_per_sec bigint
bytes_processed bigint
rows_processed bigint
start_time datetime Time at which the step started execution Smaller or equal to current time and larger or equal to end_compile_time of the query to which this step belongs.
end_time datetime Time at which this step completed execution, was cancelled, or failed. Smaller or equal to current time and larger or equal to start_time, set to NULL for steps currently in execution or queued.
total_elapsed_time int Total amount of time the query step has been executing, in milliseconds Between 0 and the difference between end_time and start_time. 0 for queued steps.
cpu_time bigint
query_time int
buffers_available int
dms_cpid int
sql_spid int
error_id nvarchar(36)
source_info nvarchar(4000)
destination_info nvarchar(4000)
command nvarchar(4000)
compute_pool_id int Unique identifier for the pool.

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