sys.dm_hadr_name_id_map (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Shows the mapping of Always On availability groups that the current instance of SQL Server has joined to three unique IDs: an availability group ID, a WSFC resource ID, and a WSFC Group ID. The purpose of this mapping is to handle the scenario in which the WSFC resource/group is renamed.

Column name Data type Description
ag_name nvarchar(256) Name of the availability group. This is a user-specified name that must be unique within the Windows Server Failover Cluster (WSFC) cluster.
ag_id uniqueidentifier Unique identifier (GUID) of the availability group.
ag_resource_id nvarchar(256) Unique ID of the availability group as a resource in the WSFC cluster.
ag_group_id nvarchar(256) Unique WSFC Group ID of the availability group.


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permission on the server.

Permissions for SQL Server 2022 and later

Requires VIEW SERVER PERFORMANCE STATE permission on the server.

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