sys.dm_os_cluster_properties (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Returns one row with the current settings for the SQL Server cluster resource properties identified in this topic. No data is returned if this view is run on a stand-alone instance of SQL Server.

These properties are used to set the values that affect failure detection, failure response time, and the logging for monitoring the health status of the SQL Server failover cluster instance.

Column Name Property Description
VerboseLogging bigint The logging level for the SQL Server failover cluster. Verbose logging can be turned on to provide additional details in the error logs for troubleshooting. One of the following values:

0 - Logging is turned off (default)

1 - Errors only

2 - Errors and warnings

For more information, see ALTER SERVER CONFIGURATION (Transact-SQL).
SqlDumperDumpFlags bigint SQLDumper dump flags determine the type of dump files generated by SQL Server. The default setting is 0.
SqlDumperDumpPath nvarchar(260) The location where the SQLDumper utility generates the dump files.
SqlDumperDumpTimeOut bigint The time-out value in milliseconds for the SQLDumper utility to generate a dump in case of a SQL Server failure. The default value is 0.
FailureConditionLevel bigint Sets the conditions under which the SQL Server failover cluster should fail or restart. The default value is 3. For a detailed explanation or to change the property settings, see Configure FailureConditionLevel Property Settings.
HealthCheckTimeout bigint The time-out value for how long the SQL Server Database Engine resource DLL should wait for the server health information before it considers the instance of SQL Server as unresponsive. The time-out value is expressed in milliseconds. Default is 60000. For more information or to change this property setting, see Configure HealthCheckTimeout Property Settings.


Requires VIEW SERVER STATE permissions on the SQL Server failover cluster instance.

Permissions for SQL Server 2022 and later

Requires VIEW SERVER PERFORMANCE STATE permission on the server.


The following example uses sys.dm_os_cluster_properties to return the property settings for the SQL Server failover cluster resource.

SELECT VerboseLogging, SqlDumperDumpFlags, SqlDumperDumpPath, SqlDumperDumpTimeOut, FailureConditionLevel, HealthCheckTimeout  
FROM sys.dm_os_cluster_properties;  

Here is a sample result set.

VerboseLogging SqlDumperDumpFlags SqlDumperDumpPath SqlDumperDumpTimeOut FailureConditionLevel HealthCheckTimeout
0 0 NULL 0 3 60000