Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database

Returns one row for each column that has a privilege that is either granted to or granted by the current user in the current database.

To retrieve information from these views, specify the fully qualified name of INFORMATION_SCHEMA.view_name.

Column name Data type Description
GRANTOR nvarchar(128) Privilege grantor.
GRANTEE nvarchar(128) Privilege grantee.
TABLE_CATALOG nvarchar(128) Table qualifier.
TABLE_SCHEMA nvarchar(128) Name of schema that contains the table.

Important: Don't use INFORMATION_SCHEMA views to determine the schema of an object. INFORMATION_SCHEMA views only represent a subset of the metadata of an object. The only reliable way to find the schema of an object is to query the sys.objects catalog view.
TABLE_NAME sysname Table name.
COLUMN_NAME sysname Column name.
PRIVILEGE_TYPE varchar(10) Type of privilege.
IS_GRANTABLE varchar(3) Specifies whether the grantee can grant permissions to others.

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