sp_validate_redirected_publisher (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Verifies that the current host for the publishing database is capable of supporting replication. Must be run from a distribution database. This procedure is called by sp_get_redirected_publisher.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions


    [ @original_publisher = ] N'original_publisher'
    , [ @publisher_db = ] N'publisher_db'
    , [ @redirected_publisher = ] N'redirected_publisher' OUTPUT
    , [ @multi_subnet_failover = ] multi_subnet_failover
[ ; ]


[ @original_publisher = ] N'original_publisher'

The name of the instance of SQL Server that originally published the database. @original_publisher is sysname, with no default.

[ @publisher_db = ] N'publisher_db'

The name of the database being published. @publisher_db is sysname, with no default.

[ @redirected_publisher = ] N'redirected_publisher' OUTPUT

The target of redirection specified when sp_redirect_publisher was called for the publisher/database pair. @redirected_publisher is an OUTPUT parameter of type sysname.

[ @multi_subnet_failover = ] multi_subnet_failover

Applies to: SQL Server 2022 (16.x) CU 10 and later versions.

Used to pass information for the creation of the dynamic linked server. If 0, the dynamic linked server isn't created with the MultiSubnetFailover parameter. If 1, the dynamic linked server is created with the MultiSubnetFailover parameter as 1. @multi_subnet_failover is bit, with a default of 0.

Return code values

0 (success) or 1 (failure).

Result set



If no entry exists for the publisher and the publishing database, sp_validate_redirected_publisher returns null in the output parameter @redirected_publisher. If an entry exists, it's returned in the output parameter in both success and failure cases.

If the validation succeeds, sp_validate_redirected_publisher returns a success indication.

If the validation fails, errors are raised describing the failure.


Caller must either be a member of the sysadmin fixed server role, the db_owner fixed database role for the distribution database, or a member of a publication access list for a defined publication associated with the publisher database.