dbo.sysjobservers (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

Stores the association or relationship of a particular job with one or more target servers. This table is stored in the msdb database.

Column name Data type Description
job_id uniqueidentifier Job identification number.
server_id int Server identification number.
last_run_outcome tinyint Outcome for the job's last run:

0 = Fail

1 = Succeed

2 = Retry

3 = Cancel

4 = In progress

5 = Unknown (see the following Remarks section)
last_outcome_ message nvarchar(1024) Associated message, if any, with the last_run_outcome column.
last_run_date int Date the job was last run.
last_run_time int Time the job was last run.
last_run_duration int Duration that the job was run, in hours, minutes, and seconds. Computed by using the formula: (hours*10000) + (minutes*100) + seconds.


A value above 4 means that the SQL Agent does not know the state of that job. The last_run_outcome is initially set to 5 when a job gets created.

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