MSrepl_identity_range (Transact-SQL)

Applies to: SQL Server

The MSrepl_identity_range table provides identity range management support. This table is stored in the publication, distribution and subscription databases

Column name Data type Description
publisher sysname The name of the Publisher.
publisher_db sysname The name of the publication database.
tablename sysname The name of the table.
identity_support int Specifies if automatic identity range handling is enabled. 0 specifies that automatic identity range handling is not enabled.
next_seed bigint If automatic identity range is enabled, indicates the starting point of the next range.
pub_range bigint The publisher identity range size.
range bigint The size of the consecutive identity values that would be assigned to subscribers in an adjustment.
max_identity bigint The maximum boundary of the identity range.
threshold int The identity range threshold percentage.
current_max bigint The current max that can be assigned but not necessarily be assigned.

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