SqlServiceType Property (SqlService Class)

Applies to: SQL Server

Gets the type of the managed service.


object.SqlServiceType [= value]  


A SqlService Class object that represents the service.

Property Value/Return Value

A uint32 value that specifies the SQL Server service type.


Return values can be one of the following:

Type Definition
1 MSSQLSERVER is the SQL Server service.
2 SQLSERVERAGENT is the SQL Server Agent service.
3 MSFTESQL is the SQL Server Full-text Search Engine service.
4 MsDtsServer is the Integration Services service.
5 MSSQLServerOLAPService is the Analysis Services service.
6 ReportServer is the Reporting Services service.
7 SQLBrowser is the SQL Server Browser service.
8 NsService is the Notification Services Notification service.
9 MSSQLFDLauncher is the SQL Server Full-text Filter Daemon Launcher service.
10 SQLPBENGINE is the SQL Server PolyBase Engine service.
11 SQLPBDMS is the SQL Server PolyBase Data Movement service.
12 MSSQLLaunchpad is the SQL Server Launchpad service.

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