Upload a File or Report in the report server

The web portal of the report server provides an upload feature so that you can add reports and other files to a report server without having to publish those items from a client application. Files that you upload from the file system are stored as items on the report server. The type of file you upload determines how it is stored:

  • .rdl files are stored as paginated reports.

  • All other files, including shared data source (.rds) files, are uploaded as resources. Resources are not processed by a report server, but can be viewed in the web portal if the report server supports the MIME type of the file.

To upload a file or report

  1. In the web portal, click Upload.

  2. Browse to the file you want to upload. You can upload a report definition file, an image, a document, or any file that you want to make available on the report server.

  3. Type a name for the new item. An item name can include spaces, but cannot include the reserved characters: ' " ; ? : @ & = + , $ / * < > |.

  4. If you want to replace an existing item with the new item, select Overwrite item if it exists.

  5. Select OK.

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