System-level tasks

A system-level task is a collection of permissions that relate to operations that apply to the report server site as a whole. Reporting Services also includes item-level tasks that apply to specific items. For more information, see Item-level tasks. For more information about tasks and permissions in general, see Tasks and permissions.


If you are working with these tasks programmatically, you must use methods that support system-level tasks. For more information, see ListTasks and ListRoles.

Permissions in system-level tasks

The following table identifies the collection of permissions for each system task. Permissions are listed for informational purposes only, to provide a more exact description of the functionality available through each task.

Task Permissions
Execute report definitions Execute Report Definitions (the permission and task name are the same)
Generate events Generate Events
Manage jobs Read System Properties

Update System Properties
Manage report server properties Read System Properties

Update System Properties
Manage roles Create Roles

Delete Roles

Read Role Properties

Update Role Properties
Manage shared schedules Create Schedules
Manage report server security Read System Security Policies

Update System Security Policies
View report server properties Read System Properties
View shared schedules Read Schedules

Grant permissions on a native mode report server