Report Builder authoring environment (SSRS)

Report Builder is a stand-alone authoring environment for creating Reporting Services paginated reports outside of Visual Studio. When you design a report, you specify where to get the data, which data to get, and how to display the data. When you run the report, the report processor takes all the information you have specified, retrieves the data, and combines it with the report layout to generate the report. You can install it from the Reporting Services web portal or from the Microsoft Download Center.

Install Report Builder from the Microsoft Download Center.

Benefits of Report Builder

Report Builder enables you to:

  • Use the Report Builder ribbon to quickly add items your reports, launch table, chart, and map wizards, and format report data.

  • Add data from built-in data providers by using query designers that help you specify which data to include in your report.

  • Create and use report parameters and other interactive features that enable your report readers to customize data and vary report presentation.

  • Create expressions from built-in fields, collections, operators, and functions.

  • Open reports directly from a report server.

  • Preview reports that use local or published shared data sources and shared datasets.

  • Preview reports in HTML or print format.

  • Export reports to other file formats such as Microsoft Excel.

  • Save your report and related items to a SharePoint library, a report server, or your local computer.

Report Builder and Report Designer share many features. Read more about Report Builder in SQL Server.

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