Reporting Services WMI provider library reference (SSRS)

The Reporting Services Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provider supports WMI operations that enable you to write scripts and code to modify settings of the report server and Report Manager.

For example, if you want to change whether integrated security is used when the report server connects to the report server database, create an instance of the MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting class. Then, use the DatabaseIntegratedSecurity property of the report server instance. The classes shown in the following table represent Reporting Services components. The classes are defined in either the root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer\<InstanceName>\v13 or the root\Microsoft\SqlServer\ReportServer\<InstanceName>\v13\Admin namespaces. Each of the classes supports read and write operations. Create operations aren't supported.


MSReportServer_Instance class
Provides basic information required for a client to connect to an installed report server.

MSReportServer_ConfigurationSetting class
Represents the installation and run-time parameters of a report server instance. These parameters are stored in the configuration file for the report server.

For more information about WMI operations, see the WMI SDK documentation included with the Microsoft .NET Framework SDK.

Access the Reporting Services WMI provider
Technical reference (SSRS)