Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Managed Instance

Returns information related to the properties of the Full-Text Engine. These properties can be set and retrieved by using sp_fulltext_service.

Transact-SQL syntax conventions




To view Transact-SQL syntax for SQL Server 2014 (12.x) and earlier versions, see Previous versions documentation.


Is an expression containing the name of the full-text service-level property. The table lists the properties and provides descriptions of the information returned.


The following properties will be removed in a future release of Microsoft SQL Server: ConnectTimeout, DataTimeout, and ResourceUsage. Avoid using these properties in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use any of them.

Property Value
ResourceUsage Returns 0. Supported for backward compatibility only.
ConnectTimeout Returns 0. Supported for backward compatibility only.
IsFulltextInstalled The full-text component is installed with the current instance of SQL Server.

0 = Full-text is not installed.

1 = Full-text is installed.

NULL = Invalid input, or error.
DataTimeout Returns 0. Supported for backward compatibility only.
LoadOSResources Indicates whether operating system word breakers and filters are registered and used with this instance of SQL Server. By default, this property is disabled to prevent inadvertent behavior changes by updates made to the operating system (OS). Enabling use of OS resources provides access to resources for languages and document types registered with Microsoft Indexing Service, but that do not have an instance-specific resource installed. If you enable the loading of OS resources, ensure that the OS resources are trusted signed binaries; otherwise, they cannot be loaded when VerifySignature is set to 1.

0 = Use only filters and word breakers specific to this instance of SQL Server.

1 = Load OS filters and word breakers.
VerifySignature Specifies whether only signed binaries are loaded by the Microsoft Search Service. By default, only trusted, signed binaries are loaded.

0 = Do not verify whether or not binaries are signed.

1 = Verify that only trusted, signed binaries are loaded.

Return Types



The following example checks whether only signed binaries are loaded, and the return value indicates that this verification is not occurring.

SELECT fulltextserviceproperty('VerifySignature');  

Here is the result set.


Note that to set signature verification back to its default value, 1, you can use the following sp_fulltext_service statement:

EXEC sp_fulltext_service @action='verify_signature', @value=1;  

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