Considerations for Replaying Traces (SQL Server Profiler)

Applies to: SQL Server Azure SQL Managed Instance

SQL Server Profiler cannot replay the following kinds of traces:

  • Traces that contain transactional replication and other transaction log activity. These events are skipped. Other types of replication do not mark the transaction log so they are not affected.

  • Traces that contain operations that involve globally unique identifiers (GUID). These events will be skipped.

  • Traces that contain operations on text, ntext, and image columns involving the bcp utility, the BULK INSERT, READTEXT, WRITETEXT, and UPDATETEXT statements, and full-text operations. These events are skipped.

  • Traces that contain session binding: sp_getbindtoken and sp_bindsession system stored procedures. These events are skipped.


If you do not use the preconfigured replay template (TSQL_Replay), and do not capture all required data, SQL Server Profiler does not replay the trace. For more information, see Replay Requirements.

For information about what permissions are required to replay a trace, see Permissions Required to Run SQL Server Profiler.

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