Azure Synapse Pathway overview

Applies to: Azure Synapse Analytics

As customers consider modernizing their data warehouse systems, one of the critical blockers they face is translating their SQL code. The existing code is written and optimized for their current system but needs to be optimized for the new system they're migrating to.

Organizations worldwide want to modernize their analytics platform to enjoy both total cost of ownership (TCO) and innovation benefits. However, customers have invested thousands of working hours, millions of dollars, and written tens of thousands of lines of code for their data warehouse.

To translate this critical SQL code, customers have to either manually rewrite existing SQL code or invest large amounts of their budget for an outside practice to rewrite or convert their code.


Azure Synapse Pathway is currently in active development. Certain features might not be supported or might have constrained capabilities. For more information, see Supplemental Terms of Use for Microsoft Azure Previews.

Azure Synapse Pathway helps you upgrade to a modern data warehouse platform by automating the code translation of your existing data warehouse. It's a free, intuitive, and easy to use tool that automates the code translation enabling a quicker migration to Azure Synapse Analytics. The Azure Synapse Pathway provides:

  • Automated data warehouse migration
  • Significant reduced migration costs
  • Accelerated migration time from months to minutes

Diagram explaining the Azure Synapse Pathway supported vendors and advantages of the Pathway migration to Azure Synapse

Synapse Pathway translates Data Definition Language (DDL) and Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements into T-SQL compliant language that is compatible with Azure Synapse SQL.

Behind the scenes

To learn more about Azure Synapse Pathway, see behind the scenes for a step-by-step process on how Azure Synapse Pathway works.

Get Azure Synapse Pathway

To install Synapse Pathway, check Azure Synapse Pathway download for pre-requisites and the link to download the latest version.

Supported sources

Azure Synapse Pathway supports code conversion of database, schemas, and tables for the following sources:

  • IBM Netezza
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Snowflake

Frequently asked questions

Review the FAQ Page for additional information on Azure Synapse Pathway

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