Azure Synapse Pathway FAQ

In this guide, you'll find the most frequently asked questions on Azure Synapse Pathway.

What is Azure Synapse Pathway?

Azure Synapse Pathway is code translation tool that helps you upgrade to a modern data warehouse platform by automating the code translation of your existing data warehouse to make it compliant with T-SQL based Azure Synapse SQL.

How can I download Azure Synapse Pathway?

Synapse Pathway is available to download from the Microsoft Download Center.

How much does Azure Synapse Pathway cost?

There's no cost associated with downloading and running your code translations using Synapse Pathway.

What source/target pairs does Azure Synapse Pathway currently support?

As of version 0.5 of Synapse Pathway, the following data warehouses are included as sources:

  • IBM Netezza
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Snowflake

What is included as part of the DDL conversion?

Synapse Pathway version supports code translation of databases, schemas, tables, and views.

Source Platform Statement Types Supported
IBM Netezza Create/Alter/Drop Database
Create/Alter/Drop Schema
Create/Alter/Drop Table
Microsoft SQL Server Create/Alter/Drop Database
Create/Alter/Drop Schema
Create/Alter/Drop Table
Create/Alter/Drop View
Snowflake Create/Alter/Drop Database
Create/Alter/Drop Schema
Create/Drop Table
Create View

What is included as part of the DML conversion?

INSERT statements in Microsoft SQL Server and SELECT statements in Snowflake are included as part of DML conversion.

Can it also scan my environment and provide an assessment report of all the objects that need to be converted/translated?

In this version of Synapse Pathway, you'll have to provide the link to the DDL/DML scripts that needs to be translated. Synapse Pathway won't scan your current environment to identify the objects that need to be translated.

What information does Azure Synapse Pathway capture about my current data warehouse instance?

Since you can run Synapse Pathway in your local environment, there's no data captured except your name and organization, which is required when you download the MSI from the Microsoft download center.

Where can I raise issues encountered in Azure Synapse Pathway?

Support for Synapse Pathway is available through the Microsoft support channel. You can raise the ticket either in the Azure portal or standard (typically on-premises support) portals.

Is stored procedure creation supported as part of DML conversion?

Creation of stored procedures and statistics is supported for Microsoft SQL Server. Some complex statements are not supported, in which case an error or warning message is returned.

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