Microsoft Stream (Classic) will be retired February 15, 2024 and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). It is recommended to start using Stream (on SharePoint) by uploading videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive. Functionality in Stream (Classic) will be changed and removed leading up to the retirement date. Learn more...

Use Microsoft Stream (Classic) with PowerPoint

You can include Stream (Classic) videos in your PowerPoint presentations.


The permissions on the video in Stream (Classic) are respected in PowerPoint.

  1. Upload your video to Microsoft Stream (Classic) or find a video already in Stream.
  2. Copy the URL to the video either from the browser address bar or from the Share window.
  3. Go to your PowerPoint presentation.
  4. Insert tab > Video > Online video
  5. Paste the URL to the Stream (Classic) video.
  6. The Stream (Classic) video will be inserted into the slide.

Stream (Classic) video embedded into PowerPoint.

Supported versions

Stream (Classic) URLs are supported in PowerPoint versions for O365 subscribers:

  • PowerPoint Online
  • PowerPoint for Windows - Version 1906, Build 11727.20210 (and higher)
  • PowerPoint for Mac - Version 16.26.19060901 (and higher)

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