The following information is about Microsoft Stream (Classic) which is being retired and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). We strongly recommended to start using the newer video solution today by uploading your videos to SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive. Videos stored in Microsoft 365 the way you'd store any other file is the basis for Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint). Learn more...

Use Microsoft Stream (Classic) in Yammer

Yammer helps you broadcast your messages to your internal corporate network, helping you to reach a larger audience and give your videos more impact to your coworkers. When you post a video link from Microsoft Stream (Classic) on Yammer, the video plays inline in the thread.


The permissions on the video in Microsoft Stream (Classic) are respected in Yammer.

Share from Microsoft Stream (Classic)

  1. In Stream, select the Share icon Share icon. from either the video page or when finding videos through search or browse.

    Share from video page.

  2. In the Share tab, under Share on social media, click Share.

  3. Add a message and add the people and groups you want to notify. Press Post, to share share directly from Microsoft Stream (Classic) into Yammer.

    Share with a message.

  4. Alternatively, you can copy and paste Microsoft Stream (Classic) video into a Yammer thread.

    Share and copy to Yammer thread.

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