Microsoft Stream (Classic) will be retired February 15, 2024 and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). It is recommended to start using Stream (on SharePoint) by uploading videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive. Functionality in Stream (Classic) will be changed and removed leading up to the retirement date. Learn more...

Record a video using the Microsoft Stream (Classic) mobile app

When you record a video using the Microsoft Stream (Classic) mobile app on either your iPhone or Android phone, there are many artful as well as standard recording-related features—including annotations—that you can use. The best part? Most of these features are available before and during recording.

Sometimes, in the same recording, you need to switch from recording with a self-view camera Rotate button. to a world-view one. And even if you don't think you have nimble editing fingers, we make it easy for you to record multiple clips, string them together, and rearrange them into new compositions.

Record a video using the Microsoft Stream (Classic) mobile app with an iPhone

Standing recording functions

Icon Name Details When used
Auto flash button. Auto flash Turn flash to on or off Before and during recording
Undo button. Undo Undo your latest annotation During and recording
Clear button. Clear Wipe the slate clean and start annotating afresh During and after recording (iPhone only)
Redo button. Redo Redo your latest annotation During and after recording (iPhone only)
Flip camera button. Rotate Flips the camera from world-view to self-view Before and during recording
Play button. Play Play the recording After the recording
Close button. Cancel Discard the recording During and after recording (for iPhone only; for Android, use the Back button)
Trash button. Restart Restart the recording During and after recording

Record a video on an iPhone or Android

  1. Open the Microsoft Stream (Classic) app

  2. Select +, then Create new video from the list that pops up at the bottom

  3. Select Rotate button. to choose a camera view, either stay in world-view or switch to self-view


    The default mode is the world-view camera, but when you rotate the camera, the mode will change to self-view.

  4. Select Record button. to begin recording

  5. Select any of the recording-related buttons or annotations to enhance the recording or learn how to edit a recording

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