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Troubleshoot on noise suppression

There are some scenarios where noise suppression, even when turned on by video owners, doesn't work for video viewers. We don't always know why.

If you don't see the noise suppression button for some time after the upload, something might have gone awry. Currently, you would need to upload the video again to apply noise suppression to it.


If you migrated Office 365 videos to Stream (Classic) and want to learn more about noise suppression support for them, see Noise suppression.

If you still can't see the Noise suppression button. on the player and your video is in none of the supported video types defined in the article about noise suppression, then it is not available.


Processing for noise suppression takes a bit longer than the processing of the video, depending on the length. Similar to transcription processing, you will get it a bit later so check back in a while, making sure the video is not in the "Processing..." stage.

If your video is more than an hour long, be patient.

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