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Microsoft Stream (Classic) will be retired February 15, 2024 and replaced by Stream (on SharePoint). It is recommended to start using Stream (on SharePoint) by uploading videos to SharePoint, Teams, Yammer, or OneDrive. Functionality in Stream (Classic) will be changed and removed leading up to the retirement date. Learn more...

Microsoft Stream (Classic) is always improving—check out the latest updates and release notes.


Your communication needs are changing. We’re ready to help.

In April 2020, we announced that temporary default limit increases would be enabled for Microsoft 365 live events to help better support customers, through July 1st, 2020.

To continue meeting the needs of customers, we will extend the temporary default limits until June 30th, 2021.

Live events hosted in Teams, Stream, and Yammer will continue to temporarily support events for up to 20,000 attendees, 16 hours in length, and 50 events happening simultaneously.

Additionally, customers can host a live event in Stream (Classic) for up to 100,000 attendees when planned though the Microsoft live events assistance program.


We require at least five (5) days’ notice to set up a custom live event.

April 2021

Stream (Classic) administrators can search for video content using advanced filters in the Videos discovery screen. Once administrators find what they’re looking for, they can select multiple videos from this screen and bulk delete them. See Search and delete videos.

May 2020

Recording your screen can help you communicate, teach, and learn

Easily create new videos with the web-based, screen recording tool—no need to download anything to get started. Just open the latest version of Edge or Chrome and your Stream (Classic) portal then, from the Create dropdown list, select Record screen.

Video creators can use options to:

  • record any window or screen

  • add a microphone or system audio

  • include a webcam for a personal touch

    Start recording screen.


To see what's on the future roadmap for Microsoft Stream, check out the Microsoft Roadmap, and filter down to the Microsoft Stream (Classic) product: https://aka.ms/StreamRoadmap

Your feedback is important to us! Join our community and add new Stream (Classic) feature ideas or vote on others' ideas: https://aka.ms/StreamIdeas

March 2020

Capture, swap, annotate, and trim, oh my!

The Stream (Classic) mobile app now lets you capture, create, and edit videos directly from your phone.

  • 🔄 Swap between rear and front-facing cameras while recording

  • ✏️ Annotate videos while recording

  • ✨ Enhance videos while recording by drawing, adding text, applying filters, or by adding emoji and image stickers

  • ✂️ Record multiple clips, rearrange them, and trim them

See recording a video and editing a video on mobile for more information.

Capture and annotation bar. Trim video buttons

Stream (Classic) admin mode: with great power comes great responsibility

When the Stream (Classic) admin mode is switched ON, Microsoft Stream (Classic) admins can manage content on behalf of users, including private content or content they don't normally have permissions to edit. This new on / off admin mode switch replaces the previous "Edit in admin mode" links throughout Stream. This also enables Stream (Classic) admins to be able to do searches from the normal search page for videos that are private.

stream admin mode switch.

Previously, if you added a video company policy to Stream, it would only show up on the upload page. Now when you define a company policy, it is also shown on the footer of Stream.

stream company policy admin setting.

You can even give the company policy its own custom text to be displayed.

footer shows the company policy.

February 2020

Microsoft 365 live events assistance preview program

Need help setting up your company's next virtual training session? Want to understand all the options available to live stream your CEO's quarterly broadcast? Microsoft can help!

Microsoft has launched a free public preview of a new live events assistance service for customers to help them successfully deliver live events using Teams, Stream, or Yammer. The new service provides virtual assistance for anyone interested in becoming more familiar with setting up and running a live event – including assistance before, during, and after the event for hosts and presenters.

January 2020

PowerApps ♥ Microsoft Stream (Classic)

PowerApps now supports adding Stream (Classic) videos into your app. Check out the PowerApps help docs on how to use the Microsoft Stream (Classic) video control.

Screenshot of adding Stream (Classic) video into PowerApp editor.

November 2019

Ignite 2019 session: What's new & what's next for Stream

If you missed our "What's new & what's next roadmap" session at Ignite in November 2019, you can watch the recording of the session below.

Snip, snip, give your video a little trim

Video owners and live event producers can now trim the beginning or end of a video from within Stream: Go to the player page > ... > Trim video

This is especially useful for live events or Teams meeting recordings where the meeting or event doesn't start right at the beginning of the recording.

Animation showing setting trim points by dragging edge of video.

Stream (Classic) videos in a Microsoft Forms question

Microsoft Forms now allows you to add a Stream (Classic) video as a prompt to a question. On a question in Microsoft Forms: Insert media > Video > Paste the Stream (Classic) video URL > Add

You can now make your survey's more interactive allowing users to watch a short video from Stream (Classic) before answering questions.

Animation showing adding a Stream (Classic) video to a Forms question.

Where did I put that meeting? I swear I had it right here a second ago.

In Microsoft Teams, you can record cloud meetings and they will be saved directly to Microsoft Stream. Now you can now quickly get back to those meeting recordings in Stream to review or to share with other people. In Stream (Classic) go to My content > Meetings.

My meetings list in Stream.

October 2019

Video owners can now replace a video or live event in Stream (Classic) without breaking its link or embed code. This is amazing if you've sent out an email to your entire organization with a link to a video, but right after you hit send, you realize there is something in the video that needs to be fixed. Or, if you are using Stream (Classic) embed codes as part of training lessons, you can just replace the video in Stream (Classic) and not have to touch the lesson itself. Video owners can go to Update video details > Replace video

Replace video dialog.

Parlez-vous français? O español, 或中文, oder Deutsch, o italiano, または日本語, ou Português?

Stream (Classic) now supports more languages for automatic closed captions and transcripts. Before Stream (Classic) could only generate a closed caption and searchable transcript for videos in English or Spanish. Now Stream (Classic) supports 8 different languages:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

Yes, I do like to have the closed captions enabled for all videos. Thank you.

The Stream (Classic) player has been enhanced so that now when you enable closed captions, select a subtile, or change the caption/subtitle settings in Stream, it's now remembered for the next video you watch.

Stream (Classic) looks all shimmery now

If you look close, Stream (Classic) has a slightly updated look and feel. We went through every page of Stream (Classic) and updated colors, fonts, spacing, backgrounds shadows, and icons to help make Stream (Classic) easier to use. It's the same Stream (Classic) just dressed up in fancier attire.

September 2019

Mm, yeah. If you could just go ahead and reaccept our company policy before you upload a video to Stream, that will be great. You did see the memo right? Mmmmkay?

Stream (Classic) has always had the ability for organizations to require acceptance of a company policy before uploading a video to Stream. But there wasn't a way to reset that acceptance after a person accepted it the first time. Now you can reset all users acceptances, and require them to re-read and accept the policy again.

stream company policy reset UI.

August 2019

Oh no! I accidentally deleted the most important video ever! - 1.0.1723.9

Don't worry, Stream (Classic) now has a 30-day video recycle bin, so you can easily recover deleted videos! As a user, you can undelete any videos you are the owner of, and as a Stream (Classic) admin you can undelete videos on behalf of your users, if need be. Deleted videos in the recycle bin are still counted toward your storage quota. When they are purged from the recycle bin, then they no longer will count toward your quota.

My content - recycle bin list.

Dear channel visitor, you should watch these videos in this order. Thanks, channel owner - 1.0.1723.9

There is a new setting on channels that allow the channel owner (or group owner/contributor) to set the default sort order of videos in the channel. When people visit your channel, they'll see the videos sorted by the option you chose. You can use it to sort your videos by publish date or even by video name to make sure visitors see the list of videos in the order you want.

Set channel default sort order for videos.

June 2019

PowerPoint + Stream (Classic) = Awesome!

Insert Stream (Classic) videos into PowerPoint! Now, within PowerPoint, you can Insert > Online video > Paste in a stream video link, and it will embed the Stream (Classic) video directly into your PowerPoint slide.

Stream (Classic) links are supported in PowerPoint versions for Office 365 subscribers:

  • PowerPoint Online
  • PowerPoint for Windows - Version 1906, Build 11727.20210
  • PowerPoint for Mac - Version 16.26.19060901

Stream (Classic) video embedded into PowerPoint.

Emails from Stream (Classic) enabled again - 1.0.1668.1

In the past, emails sent directly from the Stream (Classic) service were disabled. Now, Stream (Classic) emails are enabled again. Uploaders will get an email from Stream (Classic) when their videos are done processing and users can email someone a link to a video from the Stream (Classic) web Share > Email menu.

Bugz - 1.0.1668.1

Quality improvements for accessibility, playback, embed single sign-on (SSO), Live events, eCDN (Kollective plugin updated), and other general portal fixes.

May 2019

Survey says... Add Microsoft Forms into videos - 1.0.1637.3

Make your videos more interactive by adding a survey, quiz, or poll from Microsoft Forms. As viewers are watching your video, it will pause playback and bring up the form at your determined time. After viewers answer the questions, video playback will continue. See adding a survey, poll, or quiz to a video for more info.

Form on player page.

Help! - 1.0.1637.3

The help pane in Stream (Classic) has been updated with more helpful links, the ability to search the Stream (Classic) help docs directly, and it will now show your customized help desk info as it is set up in Office 365 admin.

Swatting flies - 1.0.1637.3

Quality improvements for accessibility, playback, embed single sign-on (SSO), Live events, eCDN (Hive plugin updated), player version updated, and other general portal fixes.

April 2019

Stream (Classic) is a yankee doodle dandy

Stream (Classic) is now available in the Office 365 US Government Community Cloud (GCC) instance of Office 365, which is available to United States Federal, State, Local, and Tribal governments, as well as contractors holding or processing data on behalf of the US Government. Stream (Classic) is still not available in GCC-High or GCC-DOD, check back for updates later this year for those environments. See Office 365 GCC for more info on the GCC environment.

Webpart, show me all of Stream (Classic) on SharePoint

New SharePoint Online Stream (Classic) webpart option to show videos across all of Stream. With this option, you can highlight trending videos from across Stream (Classic) on a SharePoint page or highlight videos on a certain topic by filtering down to a specific search term. See configure Stream (Classic) webpart to show videos across all of Stream for more info.

Everyone share with their neighbor - 1.0.1569.3

Today, when you upload a video from the Stream (Classic) site, the Allow everyone in your company to view this video check box is selected by default. With this release, we are adding a new Stream (Classic) admin setting to control during upload, whether this check box is checked by default or not. To get to this setting, go to Stream (Classic) admin > Content creation > Default video permissions. See default video permissions for more info.

Eww bugs - 1.0.1585.1

Quality improvements for accessibility, performance, playback, Live events, and general improvements. Renamed Admin setting for enabling third-party eCDN providers from "Network caching" to "eCDN provider."

March 2019

Bug squashing - 1.0.1535.6

Quality improvements for accessibility, playback, embed single sign-on (SSO), Live events, eCDN (Kollective plugin updated), player version updated, Stream (Classic) webpart for SharePoint Online, and other general portal fixes.

Going live in 3, 2, 1 - 1.0.1535.7

Microsoft Live events is out of preview and is generally available. Check out how you can setup your own live event across Stream, Teams, or Yammer.

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