Get VM Status Activity


This version of Orchestrator has reached the end of support. We recommend you to upgrade to Orchestrator 2022.

The Get VM Status activity is used in a runbook to retrieve the state and other related information about a virtual machine. This, for example, enables the runbook to retrieve the current status of a virtual machine to ensure that it has been properly shut down before performing a backup.

The following tables list the required and optional properties and published data for this activity.

The activity publishes all the data from the required and optional properties into published data. Additional published data is generated based on the class that you select when you define the activity.

Get VM Status Activity Required Properties

Element Description Valid Values Look up
VM Path The path of the virtual machine to retrieve the status for. String Yes

Get VM Status Activity Optional Properties

No optional properties are provided for this activity.

Get VM Status Activity Published Data

Name Description Value Type
CPU Usage The current CPU usage of the virtual machine. Integer
Computer Name The computer name assigned to the guest operating system. String
Disk Capacity(MB) The size of the virtual disk in megabytes. Integer
IP Address The primary IP address of the virtual machine. String
Memory Size (MB) The amount of memory assigned to the virtual machine in megabytes. Integer
Name The name of the virtual machine. String
Network List The list of networks that this virtual machine is connected to. String
Number of CPU The number of CPUs that are assigned to this virtual machine. Integer
Physical Path The path on the file system where the virtual machine configuration file can be found. String
Power State The current power state of the virtual machine. String
VM Folder The vCenter managed folder containing this virtual machine. String
VM OS Full Name The full name of the guest operating system. String
VM Path The full path of the virtual machine on the vCenter server. String
VM UUID The UUID of the virtual machine as assigned by the vCenter server. String

Configuring the Get VM Status Activity

The following procedure describes the steps required to configure a Get VM Status activity.

To configure the Get VM Status Activity

  1. From the Activities pane, drag a Get VM Status activity to the active runbook.

  2. Double-click the Get VM Status activity icon. The Properties dialog opens.

  3. Configure the settings in the Properties tab as follows:

    1. In the Configuration section, select the ellipsis button (...), and then select the VMware vSphere server connection that you want to use for this activity. Select OK.
    2. In the Properties section, enter a value for each of the required properties and the applicable optional properties. If the property is Lookup-enabled, you can select the ellipsis (...) button next to the text box to browse for a value. You can also use published data to automatically populate the value of the property from the data output by a previous activity in the workflow.
  4. Select Finish.