REST integration pack guide


This version of Orchestrator has reached the end of support. We recommend you to upgrade to Orchestrator 2022.

The integration pack for Representational State Transfer (REST) is an add-on for System Center - Orchestrator that enables you to create activities within runbooks that make requests to REST web services to get data or perform functions.

  • Microsoft is committed to protecting your privacy. See our privacy statement.
  • Depending on the communication protocol used, data that's passed to third party systems could be intercepted from the wire and tampered with; for example, when the protocol between the Policy Module and the third party product is HTTP. The user is responsible for choosing a secure protocol, such as HTTPS, for all data transmissions between Orchestrator and any other product.

Download the integration pack

Register and deploy the integration pack

After you download the integration pack file, you must register it with the Orchestrator management server, and then deploy it to runbook servers and installed Runbook Designers. Learn more about adding an integration pack.